Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Devil Speaks...

Straight after my Broker / Dealer appreciation post Kompakt announced a reissue of 'Dig Deep', on their Immer imprint. Thought it was called 'Boots and Pants'? It is on discogs. If 'Dig Deep' is 'Boots and Pants' then what is the other track called? Fuck, I don't know, anyways, well worth picking up, it's a doozy.

Speaking of Kompakt I shopped there recently, unable to resist this, Wolfgang Voigt's latest project Kafkatrax. The whole concept is alluring, particularly the image of Voigt as Kafka.
Comes with limited edition print by Voigt, perhaps a reference to Prague Castle? Somewhat disappointing in actuality.
It sounds as expected, woozy voices swimming around Voigt's trademark raw drums. Nothing surprising then, but still more adventurousness than 99% of humdrum functional techno. And I like that cheeky image...

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