Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Spencer Clark on Max Headroom

Tonight on Max Headroom for RRR 102.7FM I'm diving deep into the world and music of Spencer Clark - 7.00pm Melbourne time tonight. Here's the blurb:
Ex-Skater, Hypnagogic popstar, Vaporwave pioneer, Spencer Clark is one of the most exciting and difficult to categorise musicians working today. His latest album Avatar Blue presents itself as an alternative soundtrack to the yet to be released James Cameron Avatar sequel, and adds to Clark's esoteric interests: underwater aliens, astrobiology, biodome science and regression hypnosis. Confused? Tune in as Clark beams in from Belgium with Joshua Meggitt this Thursday for Max Headroom on Three Triple R.

Spencer has been extremely generous with providing extensive interview material for this special, which i hope to present all of tonight. If possible I may include it here in text format.

Spencer's discography is enormous so I encourage all to check his label Pacific City Sound Visions for more info (even this presents but the teeniest sliver of his work). Here are a few choice moments:

Spencer's next project, coming soon, is a mammoth exploration of the Avatar world,, presented as AVATAR BLUE. I'll leave the story to him, but the mix CDR available at his website is well worth the 5 euros, and can also be heard here

Tune in tonight at 7.00pm Melbourne time, streaming link to follow...