Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We Call It Acieed!

I'm back on 3 Triple R 102.7 FM's Max Headroom this Thursday 21 November with "We Call It Acieed", an hour of music featuring the Roland TB 303.
Expect a pretty condensed summary.

Stream it here.

This comes after an excellent live acid set by Hieroglyphic Being at the Residence for Melbourne Music Week. Jamal Moss played a kind of free-improv house, starting with heavily tweaked 303 riffs before adding drums and going predictably berserk. It was noisy, oddly funky, and riveting, and he had a pretty big crowd dancing. Here's an excerpt from a comparable set in September:

More acid that's got me hooked of late is "The Future" by Innershades, with the 303 banging out a basic bleepy bass riff, but jeez its good:

And acid maestro Tin Man's latest for Acid Test "Mystified Acid" is good too:

But perhaps not as good as "Devine Acid" from last year:

And this old clip of Mike Ink live is super: