Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ain't Nobody

This release is wonderful, from which this is the highlight:

The Chaka Kahn original is no slouch either, an old favourite of my mum's, which i recall hearing around the house as a youngster.

This kind of disco-reggae hybrid I realise is among my favourite-of-all musical styles, triggered by these:

This has appeared here before, but it's oh so good:

Lara went on to work with Rhythm and Sound, where I first heard her, and provided my roundabout entry point to Jamaican music:

... which was properly kicked off by this:

Prior to hearing this on a listening station in Tower Records Shibuya I'd resisted, or rather ignored, Reggae completely, turned off by my brother's Bob Marley Best Ofs and dreadlocked Fremantle buskers. I wonder whether younger listeners today have such resistance to certain genres or is everything fairgame?