Tuesday, 15 July 2014


This Thursday 17 July I'm back on Triple R's Max Headroom for a celebration of the waltz, from its highbrow haughtiness of 18th century Vienna through to rough hewn contemporary hoedowns. Along the way I’ll visit mournful Country and Western dirges, space age jazz ditties, gravel voiced urban scrapings and electro neo-waltzes. Why go for four on the floor when you can go for three?

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pattern Repeat: Episode 4

Final episode of Pattern Repeat on Triple R 102.7FM midnight tonight Melbourne time.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Pattern Repeat 3

Playlist below for Pattern Repeat #3 broadcast June 21 2014. Stream here.

Eva MM (below) - Pattern Repeat
DVS1 - S.O.S.
Charles Cohen - UTEP1
Caustic Windows - Fingertrips
Infinity Frequencies - Wisdom
Arve Henriksen - Zircon
Laurence Crane (below) - Sparling
Oneohtrix Point Never - Meet Your Creator
Philip Glass - Floes
The Other People's Place - Sorrow and a Cup Of Joe
The Soft Pink Truth - Invocation for Strength
Professor Genius - Vista
John Chantler - November Pts Hi_ Dismantled Cabaret
Lawrence English - Waves Sheer Light
Efdemin - Parallaxis (The Borderline State Remix)
WIFE - Like Chrome
Bass Clef - Neon Black and Vulcanae
Leyland Kirby (above) - Locked Into Situations
Jeff Mills - Rainbow Clusters
Dino Sabatini - Terpsichore
James Ruskin - Excerpt 1
Miami Vice - Tokyo Negative
Oren Ambarchi - Fractured Mirror
Dirk Leyers - Come To Where I Go
Jahilliya Fields - Turned On Type
Luxury Elite - Gracefully
Dominique - He Said

Final show next week. Leave with this fine example of contemporary abjection:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pattern Repeat 1 and 2

Two episodes down and two to go on Pattern Repeat, track lists below and stream it here and here. Back midnight this Friday on 3 Triple R 102.7FM.

Episode 1: 6 June 2014

Larry Heard - Faint Object Detection
Harold Budd - Feral (Odd Nosdam Remix)
Fatima Al Quadiri - Shanghai Freeway
Iori - Moon (Steve Moore Remix)
Austin Bucket - Sand Loops 3
Slow Walkers - The Flood
Julle Cruise and Khan - Say Goodbye
Rene Hell - Baroque Ensemble Coda
Tin Man and Donato Dozzy - Test 7
Inverto - Miura
Vermont - Yaiza
Luke Howard - Pan
Ricardo Donoso - Diagonal Environment
Sandra Electronics - It Slipped Her Mind
Pandabrite - Celestion
A5 - Dzhaz
William Basinski - Untitled (Meloncholia)
HOLOVR - Space Weight
Chris Abrahams - Stabilised Ruin
Farben and James Din - Kader Dolls
Roman Fluegel - Piano Piano
Klaran Lewis - c a t t
Jon Hassel - Streetfaxx
Ibaraki Tracks - Singapore Airport
Yagya - Sleepygirl 4
Osborne - Oyasumi
Scanner - Singing through Qualia
Brian Eno - And Then So Clear

Episode 2: 15 June 2014

Pattern Repeat Theme - Eva MM
Sutekh - Untitled #3
Plastikman - EXtend
Joey Anderson - Space Colors Ideas
Seaworthy and Taylor Deupree - Hollow
Inga Copeland - Advice To Young Girls
HTRK - Feels Like Love
Jean Claude Risset - Fall
Ben Frost - The Teeth Behind Kisses
Julianna Barwick - Blood Brothers
Bruno Pronsato - To Be Seen
Delia Derbyshire - Pot Au Feu
Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza - Fata Morgana
Oren Ambarchi - Girl With Silver Eyes
V/VM - Big Eddie's Van - Bowler's Car Park
Lee Gamble - M25 Echo
Lorenzo Senni - EVOLVER
DJ Sprinkles - Ball'r (Madonna Free Zone)
EVOL - Rave Slime (B)
Tobias - Heartbeat
Some Truths - Acid and Prozac
Arrest and Incarcerate - Hunter
Answer Code Request - Axif (feat. Elizabeth Bernholz)
Kaito - Everlasting (beatless)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pattern Repeat

Fridays midnight in June I'm back on RRR 102.7FM with Pattern Repeat:

Minimalist modern music from ambient to techno. Hypnotic transmissions, motorik serenades and new age lullabies: sonic narcotics for contemporary nightmares.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Friday, 18 April 2014


Via Frankie Knuckles's Choice mix, absolute gold:

Seems all the Thousand Finger Man does is super and fits in fine with today's tastes: