Thursday, 23 January 2020

Aqua Marina

DJ Tropical Breeze and Dave Mack will be presenting an extended 8 hour all vinyl DJ set playing Balearic classics and obscurities on Saturday 1 February at Eydies, Lygon Street Brunswick. More info here and here. To celebrate we have produced a 2 hour sampler mix, available below. It steers more to the calmer side of Balearic but starts picking up pace in the latter half. This is Volume 1 so expect more to come...

1. Toshiki Kadomatsu - Sea Song (repise)
2. Seahawks - Calling Always (The Advisory Circle Loving Arms Mix)
3. Blue Gas - Shadows from Nowhere
4. Horizont - Light of Darkness
5. Andreas Vollenweider - Moon Dance
6. Mo Foster - New York City (KBE Remix)
7. Peter Gordon - Afternoon Drive
8. Antena - Achilles (Phreek Plus One Typhoon Mix)
9. David Arkenstone - Valley of the Clouds
10. Hamou Cheheb - Ma Fille
11. Cantoma - Cosmopole
12. Andras Fox - Janine's Theme (Earth)
13. Vânia Bastos - Tabu
14. The Ballistic Brothers - Uschi’s Groove
15. Quiet Village - Too High To Move
16. Knopha - 三 San
17. Warm - On a Journey
18. The Fizz - Rumours (Lipelis Edit)
19. Whitesnake - Is This Love? (New Found Land Edit)
20. House of House - The Rough Half (Don't Stop)
21. Blue Vision - Leila (Variation)
22. Dennis Young - Primitive Substance
23. Your Song is Good - Re-Search (Force of Nature Remix)
24. Poolside - Harvest Moon
25. Pilou - Ca Va (Waffles Remix)
26. Africaine 808 featuring Nonku Phiri and Macadem - Tummy Tummy (Esa's Afro Synth Bubblegum Remix)
27. Nelson Family - Gimme Love
28. Morgan Buckley - Heavy Traffic
29. Cerrone - Back Track (Rizzolo DJ Edit)
30. Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla

Sunday, 22 December 2019

DJ Tropical Breeze - Opus 1

Inaugural official release by DJ Tropical Breeze: Insurrecto. Two tracks recorded sometime in the last couple of years. Title track is a sparse, slow house number. 'Island of Samar' is a dub tempo experiment in layered synths, delays and echo. I hope to put some more of this stuff out but I'm pretty inefficient.

Get it here.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Light Mellow

On 5 October 2019 DJ Tropical Breeze is playing Japanese music all night at Eydies. In celebration I've made two pseudo-City Pop mixes. Light Mellow does what it says, low key tunes for sipping a lemon sour by the (Disney) sea, while First Light takes us into the night, named after the unbeatable Makoto Matsushita song. Some well known City Pop hits among some lesser known 1980s and further-afield songs.

Malta - Summer Dreamin'
Amii Ozaki - My Pure Lady
Miho Nakeyama - Far Away from Summer Days
Tin Pan Alley - Soba Kasu no Oru Ona
Haruomi Hosono - Shimendoka
Izumi Kobayashi & Flying Mimi Band - Summer Wine
Mariya Takeuchi - Oh No, Oh Yes!
Seaside Lovers - Lovers Paradise
The Milky Way - Theme from 'A Summer Place'
Abe Yasuhiro - Still I Love You
Lily - 水鏡のなか
Tetsuji Hayashi - Rainy Saturday & Coffee Break
Ryuichi Sakamoto and the Kakatougi Session - Time Trip
Hamada Kingo - Yozorano Information
Signal - Heartbreak Season
Tohoko Shinkaensen - Summer Touches You
Yuki Okazaki - Jamaican Affair
Logic System - Be Yourself
Narumi Yasada - Kaze no Yousei

Hitomi Tohyama - We Are in the Dark
Seika Iwashita - 新しい風
Miho Nakayama - Funky Mermaid
Kimiko Kasai - The Right Place
Kazuhito Murata - So Long, Mrs.
Miho Nakeyama - Moonlight Sexy Dance
Midori Hara - Osaka Amemoyoh
Vizion - Somebody's Getting To You
Eri Ohno - Live Hard, Live Free
Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing - The September Wind (You're Romantic)
Chiemi Manabe - 不思議・少女
Hiroshi Satoh - Love Is Happening
Hatsue Katoh - 朝のコラージュ
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Rush Hour
Tatsuro Yamashita - Loveland Island
Junko Ohashi - Perfume
Shigeru Suzuki - Phoenix
Tomoko Aran - Hito Natsu no Tapestry
Meiko Nakahara - Fantasy
Makoto Matsushita - First Light
Momoko Kikuchi - Broken Sunset

Photographs all © Adele Moon, 2000

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Tapestry Workshop

A few weeks ago my partner went to the Australian Tapestry Workshop for an event and I stayed home and played records. I had just bought Psychic Mirrors' 'I Come For Your Love' so played around that. What a killer! The B-side is pretty good too.

So here's a collection of angular boogie tracks centred around Psychic Mirrors.

Moon B - Untitled
Fabrizio Fatorri - Running on the Nile
Letta Mbulu - Vumani Makhosi
Enlightenment - Burning Flame
Paul Hardcastle - Strolling
Sass - Much too Much
Jura Soundsystem - Boogie Tune
Glenn Riccs - I've Been Waiting
John Robie - Vera Cava
Psychic Mirrors - I've Come For Your Love
Harold Faltermeyer - Fletch Theme (M&M Mix)
Haruomi Hosono – LDK
Bonzo Goes to Washington – 5 Minutes
Jaki Graham – Victim of Emotion
Legacy - Monday Blues
52nd Street - You're My Last Chance
Gruppo Controle Digitale - A Festa e Nossa

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Spencer Clark on Max Headroom

Tonight on Max Headroom for RRR 102.7FM I'm diving deep into the world and music of Spencer Clark - 7.00pm Melbourne time tonight. Here's the blurb:
Ex-Skater, Hypnagogic popstar, Vaporwave pioneer, Spencer Clark is one of the most exciting and difficult to categorise musicians working today. His latest album Avatar Blue presents itself as an alternative soundtrack to the yet to be released James Cameron Avatar sequel, and adds to Clark's esoteric interests: underwater aliens, astrobiology, biodome science and regression hypnosis. Confused? Tune in as Clark beams in from Belgium with Joshua Meggitt this Thursday for Max Headroom on Three Triple R.

Spencer has been extremely generous with providing extensive interview material for this special, which i hope to present all of tonight. If possible I may include it here in text format.

Spencer's discography is enormous so I encourage all to check his label Pacific City Sound Visions for more info (even this presents but the teeniest sliver of his work). Here are a few choice moments:

Spencer's next project, coming soon, is a mammoth exploration of the Avatar world,, presented as AVATAR BLUE. I'll leave the story to him, but the mix CDR available at his website is well worth the 5 euros, and can also be heard here

Tune in tonight at 7.00pm Melbourne time, streaming link to follow...

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

The Beach Boys - Endless Harmony

This mix was nearly finished ages ago but have finally wound it up, in time for northern summer. If it's anything like last year's summer this ought to fit right in. All Beach Boys, mostly non-hits, with a few hits. I find I listen to nothing-but-Beach Boys every summer so wanted to compile some, and given that its late April and still summer in Melbourne it remains appropriate in the south too.

Please let me know of any doozies you think I missed.

More here.