Friday, 18 April 2014


Via Frankie Knuckles's Choice mix, absolute gold:

Seems all the Thousand Finger Man does is super and fits in fine with today's tastes:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Frankie Knuckles

I'm presenting a Frankie Knuckles celebration for Max Headroom 7pm Melbourne time Thursday 17 April on 3 Triple R FM. Plenty of golden hits, Frankie was King Midas!

Here's my favourite:

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Graveyard 14 March 2014

Stream here the Graveyard Shift broadcast 14 March 2014, playlist below:

Hannes Wader (pictured above) - Die Internationale
Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive
Robert Ashley - "Flying Saucer Dialogue", Atalanta
The Orb with Lee Perry - Ball of Fire (Deadbeat remix)
Inga Copeland - So Far So Clean
ESG - Talk It
A5 - Cut 2
A5 - Untitled (Udacha 8)
Throwing Shade - Mystic Places
Heatsick - Clear Channel
Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love
Internet Club - The New Digital Frontier
Laurence English - Aurora Boreensis
Miami Vice - Palm Haze
Qualia - New U
Bernard Parmegiani - Pleins et Deles
Blank Banshee - Teen Pregnancy
Visionist - I'm Fine
Nike 7 Up - Lucky!
Kane Iken - A Synthetic Setting
Jon Hassell, Harold Budd and Gavin Bryars - Map of Dusk
True Man - Oddysey Saga
Corbi - Arktika (DJ Sprinkles Mix)
Generation Next - Lamborghini Dreams
DJ Nature - Dance
Theo Parrish - Peter Wetfeet
Romansoff - Sour Cream
LK aka Lee Konitz - Untitled
NA3 - Dubby
Asusu - Rendering
Cooly G - Hold Me
Vakula - Night Walks
Oren Ambarchi - Passage
Sutekh - Untitled 3
A Rocket In Dub - Rocket Number 3
Tin Man - Mystified Acid
Octo Octa - Uneasy
Blank Mass - Chernobyl
SSOL - Untitled (A1)
The Tramps - Soul Searching
Quincy Jones + Patti Austin - Razzamatazz
Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Smith N Hack - Falling Stars
Blank Banshee - Java Clouds
Giorgio Moroder - Knights In White Satin
Miami Vice - Synth Colour
Infinity Frequencies - Computer Death
Laserdisc Visions - Lucky Tomato
Skeleton - Silk Sheets
Luxury Elite - Sincerely
Protect & Survive - Night Waves
Band Of Holy Joy - Open The Door To Your Heart

Thank you for listening.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I'll be hosting the Graveyard Shift on Triple R 102.7FM in the early hours of Friday 14 March 2014 (the 131st anniversary of the death of Karl Marx), from 2am - 6am, for all nighthawks, insomniacs and far flung types craving southern hemispherical radio.

It's been a long time, so it'll be good to revisit the cosmic Retro Futurist / Lost in the Stars vibes of previous broadcasts. I'll try and raise Marx from the grave, his spirit in any case, and clean up this fucking mess.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Vaporwave on Max Headroom

Many thanks to Adam Harper for his input on the Max Headroom special on Vaporwave. Playlist is below and you can stream it here.

PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Start Up Sound
James Ferraro - Linden Dollars
Chuck Persons - Nobody Here
James Ferraro - Palm Trees, Wi-Fi and Dream Sushi
Chuck Persons - Eccojam B3
esc 不在 (‘esc fuzai’) - Tonight on HBO
Computer Dreams - Untitled 1 (Silk Road)
骨架的 ('Skeleton') - Clouds
Computer Dreams - Untitled 2 (Silk Road)
Laserdisc Visions - Lucky Tomato
Internet Club - Dreams 3D
骨架的 - Memory
PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Narayani Falls
Eyeliner - Sauvignon Blanc
Qualia - New U
Miami Vice - Tokyo Nightlife
Infinite Frequencies - Wisdom
Internet Club - The New Digital Frontier
Coolmemoryz - s p i r i t
Memorex Dawn - Fountain
PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Impressions

For more info on Vaporwave visit Adam Harper's articles for Dummy which start here.

Sunday, 16 February 2014


At 7.00pm Thursday 20 February on Triple R's Max Headroom I'll play an hour of Vaporwave and chat to guest Adam Harper. Here's the blurb:

Vaporwave is the sound of Capital - the high-gloss, caffeinated cousin of Hypnagogic Pop. It's the music of the shopping mall, the infomercial, the internet - frozen yoghurt in sound. Chatting with critic and vaporwave theorist Adam Harper, Max Headroom - Vaporwave explores this cheeky musical movement, and asks how music so shiny, so... nice, can hide such destructive impulses.

Listen here.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Julian Love

Vacant late night Youtube staring and red wine guzzling and stumbled across this: disco-house gold by recent RBMA alumni Julian Love:

Beautiful! On a similar vibe as Soundstream's latest:

Then the quality control trailed off and I faded out to this nonsense:

Sunday, 1 December 2013


I'm going through something of a Rawax obsession at present, sparked initially by Daniela La Luz's excellent - and Rawax's first - LP Based On Electricity. Eight solid tracks, mixing the Rawax tool aesthetic with proper 'songs', or hints of. La Luz's vocals grace a few - most? - tracks, her voice kinda patchy, but perfectly suited to the music. Songs like 'Read My Mind' and 'Your Mother Told You' are fucking great:

The LP came after the also excellent 12" Pistol Star:

More recently, I've been enjoying Môme, real name Bertrand Lacroix, specifically his Tikka EP on Housewax. Heavier than the La Luz but just as bouncy, and it's generated quite a bit of enthusiasm on the usually quiet Discogs - "Dude is spitting hot fire!". No shit:

I'm yet to make sense of what the various prefixes mean but jeez, what fun music it all is.