Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Lee Gamble on Max Headroom

This Thursday 24 March for Max Headroom on www.rrr.org.au I'm joined by ex-junglist and post-rave experimentalist Lee Gamble ahead of his appearance at this weekend's Inner Varnika festival. Listen live (from 7pm) here.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

1980s Japan - Are We 30 Years Behind?

With the contemporary obsession with 1980s Japanese music, epitomised by recent reissues of releases like Mariah and Dip In the Pool and less recent interest in City Pop and corporate new age by the likes of Green Linez and Root Strata, are we simply 30 years behind?

Certainly the Balearic New Age House that's currently popular owes much to 1980s Japan, particularly that from around these down under parts.

I doubt they'd mind the connection, all part of the retro world we're living in, but if we are 30 years behind should we be paying more attention to Japan in the 1990s to see what we're up for next? Shibuya-kei? Might not be so bad.