Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Hong Kong Nights

New mix up, inspired by the Tin Pan Alley title track and aiming for a particularly sickly kind of sweet, light disco. Sometimes this stuff makes me feel ill but at others it's pure gold.

Here's a few snaps from a visit to Hong Kong back in 2012.

And one of the finest musical evocations of Hong Kong:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Tropical Breeze Freeze

As a focus for my travels I have set up another blog (sigh), called TropicalBreezeFreeze. The name comes from a work colleague who persistently fails to remember my catchy DJ name.

Find it here.

I dunno what I'm still doing with this one, nor all the other ones at th elink over to the right, but maybe I'll do some more someday.

Don't go changin'.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Devon Cathedral

New DJ Tropical Breeze mix, inspired by a rummage through old 90s records (Auch, Mouse on Mars, Brinkmann, Kron) in the shed. For Philip in Devon, may the cathedral be yours!

XYR - Middle of Nowhere
DJ Sottofett - Space Dub
Mike Cooper - Raft 29: Honey Hunters
Mouse on Mars - Papa, Antoine
SAD - untitled
Dices - Back Frame
Indoor Plants - Walking Man
Cuisine Dub - Untitled
Thomas Fehlmann - Andrea is Delighted
Bus - Untitled
Rhythm and Sound - Queen in my empire version
King Tubby - Ital Skank
The Upsetters - Longer Dub
Prince Jammy - Attack on Ganymede
Sugar Minott - Devil at Large
King Tubby - Fat Thing Version
Sad Rockets - Cascais
Love Joys - Jah Light
Rhythm and Sound - Music Hit You
Madteo - Workshop 11
Kron - Untitled
Snd - Untitled
Auch - Untitled
Studio One - Thomas Brinkmann Variation 1

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


On 5 April 2018, Dave L. and myself returned to RRR 102.7FM to present a survey of the Urgent! genre. Urgent! was coined by Dave and a pal of his to describe a particularly intense form of high-energy AOR, frequently featured in fight scenes of 1980s action films. The archetypal Urgent! song is Frank Stallone's 'Far From Over', above, which spurred the invention of the genre in the first place.

Listen again here:

Some other Urgent! classics:

Now to create a Wikipedia entry...