Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pattern Repeat: Episode 4

Final episode of Pattern Repeat for Max Headroom aired Friday 26 June 2014, listen again here

Here's what was played:

Eva MM - Pattern Repeat Jingle
Richard Wagner - Prelude, Das Rheingold (Dead and Alive Vinyl Remix)
Wolfgang Voigt - Ruckverzauberung 6.1
Fatima Al Quadiri - Hainan Island
Austin Buckett - Thomas William
Jurgen Muller - U-Boat Nach
Maggi Payne - Flights of Fancy Mike Ratledge - Riddles of the Sphinx Sequence 7
Traxman - Bubbles
Conrad Schnitzler - Frozen Bubbles
Mamman Sani - Zara Zarakoy
Arrest and Incarcerate - Dog on a Wet Tin Roof
Snd - Untitled (TPlay 2)
Muslimgauze - Fear of Gaddafi
Hacker Farm - Drive Time
Lawrence English - Wilderness of Mirrors
Lawrence English - Graceless Hunter
Marcus Schmickler and Julian Rohrhuber - Refrain Numbers Negation
Holly Herndon - Solo Voice
Ben Vida - tztztztzt Part 13
Hecker - Hinge*
Thomas Brinkmann - N.M.Q.P.
Marina Rosenfeld - New York _ It's All About
Voiski - Eccentric Habits
Oren Ambarchi - Passage
A5 - Cut 2
Moomin - I Whisper a Prayer
Visionist - The Way
Erik Fiedel and MMM - Syncro
Julee Cruise - Questions in a World of Blue

Thanks for listening.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Pattern Repeat 3

Playlist below for Pattern Repeat #3 broadcast June 21 2014. Stream here.

Eva MM (below) - Pattern Repeat
DVS1 - S.O.S.
Charles Cohen - UTEP1
Caustic Windows - Fingertrips
Infinity Frequencies - Wisdom
Arve Henriksen - Zircon
Laurence Crane (below) - Sparling
Oneohtrix Point Never - Meet Your Creator
Philip Glass - Floes
The Other People's Place - Sorrow and a Cup Of Joe
The Soft Pink Truth - Invocation for Strength
Professor Genius - Vista
John Chantler - November Pts Hi_ Dismantled Cabaret
Lawrence English - Waves Sheer Light
Efdemin - Parallaxis (The Borderline State Remix)
WIFE - Like Chrome
Bass Clef - Neon Black and Vulcanae
Leyland Kirby (above) - Locked Into Situations
Jeff Mills - Rainbow Clusters
Dino Sabatini - Terpsichore
James Ruskin - Excerpt 1
Miami Vice - Tokyo Negative
Oren Ambarchi - Fractured Mirror
Dirk Leyers - Come To Where I Go
Jahilliya Fields - Turned On Type
Luxury Elite - Gracefully
Dominique - He Said

Final show next week. Leave with this fine example of contemporary abjection:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pattern Repeat 1 and 2

Two episodes down and two to go on Pattern Repeat, track lists below and stream it here and here. Back midnight this Friday on 3 Triple R 102.7FM.

Episode 1: 6 June 2014

Larry Heard - Faint Object Detection
Harold Budd - Feral (Odd Nosdam Remix)
Fatima Al Quadiri - Shanghai Freeway
Iori - Moon (Steve Moore Remix)
Austin Bucket - Sand Loops 3
Slow Walkers - The Flood
Julle Cruise and Khan - Say Goodbye
Rene Hell - Baroque Ensemble Coda
Tin Man and Donato Dozzy - Test 7
Inverto - Miura
Vermont - Yaiza
Luke Howard - Pan
Ricardo Donoso - Diagonal Environment
Sandra Electronics - It Slipped Her Mind
Pandabrite - Celestion
A5 - Dzhaz
William Basinski - Untitled (Meloncholia)
HOLOVR - Space Weight
Chris Abrahams - Stabilised Ruin
Farben and James Din - Kader Dolls
Roman Fluegel - Piano Piano
Klaran Lewis - c a t t
Jon Hassel - Streetfaxx
Ibaraki Tracks - Singapore Airport
Yagya - Sleepygirl 4
Osborne - Oyasumi
Scanner - Singing through Qualia
Brian Eno - And Then So Clear

Episode 2: 15 June 2014

Pattern Repeat Theme - Eva MM
Sutekh - Untitled #3
Plastikman - EXtend
Joey Anderson - Space Colors Ideas
Seaworthy and Taylor Deupree - Hollow
Inga Copeland - Advice To Young Girls
HTRK - Feels Like Love
Jean Claude Risset - Fall
Ben Frost - The Teeth Behind Kisses
Julianna Barwick - Blood Brothers
Bruno Pronsato - To Be Seen
Delia Derbyshire - Pot Au Feu
Conrad Schnitzler & Wolf Sequenza - Fata Morgana
Oren Ambarchi - Girl With Silver Eyes
V/VM - Big Eddie's Van - Bowler's Car Park
Lee Gamble - M25 Echo
Lorenzo Senni - EVOLVER
DJ Sprinkles - Ball'r (Madonna Free Zone)
EVOL - Rave Slime (B)
Tobias - Heartbeat
Some Truths - Acid and Prozac
Arrest and Incarcerate - Hunter
Answer Code Request - Axif (feat. Elizabeth Bernholz)
Kaito - Everlasting (beatless)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pattern Repeat

Fridays midnight in June I'm back on RRR 102.7FM with Pattern Repeat:

Minimalist modern music from ambient to techno. Hypnotic transmissions, motorik serenades and new age lullabies: sonic narcotics for contemporary nightmares.