Sunday, 30 November 2014

Digital Voices

Listen again here to Digital Voices broadcast on Triple R 102.7FM 7pm on Thursday 27 November, playlist below:

B.O.B. - Auto Tune
Meek Mill feat. Kirko Bangz - Young & Gettin It
Bon Iver - Woods
DJ Screw - Too Much Lean In My Cup
Clams Casino - The World Needs Change [Soulja Boy]
Burial - Endorphins
Nima - Morning
DJ Rashad & Freshmoon - Everybody
DJ Nate - See Into My Eyes
GFOTY - Don't Wanna/Let's Do It
Hecker - Hinge*
Ben Vida - Slipping Control (Part 13)
Oneohtrix Point Never - Midday
Holly Herndon - Chorus
Hatsune Miku - Ura Omote Lovers
Voltex - Beautiful Moon Light
Katie Gately - Pipes (excerpt)