Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Soft Option

For the month of May, I am back on the aiRRRwaves to present a new program for the Friday midnight Tabula Rasa slot, entitled 'Soft Option'. Joyously, I'll be joined by Lexican Devil on presenting duties.

The title is rather self explanatory as to the show's content, but here's the blurb:

Soft Option celebrates music’s tender, gentle moments, a world of mannered, smooth vibes and adult contemporary sophistication. Soft Option finds the common ground between hazy country classics, heart-on-tear-stained-sleeve rock ballads, slick yacht rock product, honeyed Philly soul stirrers, wispy new age doodles, major-keyed fusion noodlers, dinky Balearic chuggers, and private press bedroom whingers… united under a shared vision of sweet, smooth, soft music.

Sometimes revolutions happen in velvet.

Tune in midnight, this Friday 6 May. It's going to be a cool night...


So long Prince.