Thursday, 9 June 2011

Dolly Parton

The inimitable Dolly Parton is coming to Melbourne in November, and I'm going.

I don't have anything to say about her, her looks and demeanor negate all analysis and criticism. Better to just bask in her glory...

Dolly's first appearance on the Porter Wagoner Show, 1967, with 'Dumb Blonde':

Joshua from 1971, also on Porter. I've always chuckled at the image of the oafish title character, alone in the woods, blushing before Dolly's charms:

Same date, 'There's something fishy goin' on, on those fishing trips you're goin' on':

Jolene, from 1974. Country Disco:

Title track from the new album Backwoods Barbie:

Who wouldn't want to work with Dolly?

Truly haunting, 'The Party':

I'm the 9,525,473rd person to view this video.

Tammy may edge out Dolly in my book. Dolly's not collaborated with KLF... yet.

Tammy's beau George:

Linda and Emmylou, 'The Sweetes':

Hulk Hogan:

Polly Darton on Sesame Street:

I could go on...

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