Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blame It On The Boogie

Tonight I'm going to a disco at a local bowling alley for my daughter's kindergarten. There she and her chums will be performing Jackson 5's 'Blame it on the Boogie', involving a coordinated dance number. She's been practicing all week, should be rockin'.

Strobe effects on the above video impressively disorienting, but not as weird as this, the video to my favourite Jacksons song 'Can You Feel It'. No idea what the words at the start refer to, or the voiceover, but the image of the towering, godlike Jacksons sprinkling pixie-dust onto the awed populace, walking on water, making rainbows, is thrilling. The tolling bells work a treat too:

Michael Jackson was a regular visitor to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia. His first visit was in 1973 with the Jackson Five, where Michael was lucky enough to bump into renowned commercial radio presenter Gary Shannon, beating Shannon at a game of pool.
"I bumped into Michael in the hallway of 6KY FM. He told me he was a good pool player and challenged me to a game. He beat me."

Gary Shannon:

Gary Shannon was recently sacked from his position as breakfast presenter at 96FM last November. Shannon has no future plans. “I’m sure I’ll pick myself up. I will try to relax and get on with my life."

Michael Jackson's most famous visit to Perth was in 1985, where he was bribed there by Perth millionaire Robert Holmes A Court, who included a trip to Perth and appearance on Telethon as part of the sale of rights to Beatles songs to the pop-loving Jackson. This was an iconic moment in Perth cultural history:

He came back in 1996 as part of his HIStory tour, and stayed at Observation City Resort in Scarborough.

Observation City:

The Perth obsession with Michael Jackson continues, exemplified by these "world-class impersonators" from VIP Entertainment:

Tonight's performers have a lot to live up to.

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