Monday, 27 June 2011

Rytis Mazulis: Musica Falsa

Just as my displeasure with the music world was reaching a peak - MP3 exhaustion and related quandaries - as articulated by mnmlssgs here, the new(ish) Mazulis recording arrived in my letterbox!

Beyond the music, which is startlingly original, confusing, strange, thrilling, and annoying, this release as product is professional and convincing. We're given detailed biographies of both artists and passionate accounts by both composer and performer of their excitement in one another's work. Flautist Manuel Zurria became obsessed with Mazulis' music, contacted him, they exchanged many emails, Zurria worked on the project (transcribing and recording all works live), before finally meeting Mazulis in person. Mazulis was awed by Zurria's technique, and amazed at his realisation of his music. This artistic satisfaction and pride comes across in these notes, and in the smiling portrait of the two artists.

In addition, there's a faintly cosmic vibe to some of the notes, 'recorded at night, on Pleanet Earth', making the whole thing warmer and more approachable. The music is formidable, but rich with meaning and sufficient hooks to penetrate.

More later...

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