Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Short appreciation for these guys from way back, San-Franciscan duo Ryan Bishop & Ryan Fitzgerald aka Broker/Dealer. Active in that historical grey area of dance music, the early noughties, Broker/Dealer favoured a synth-heavy neon kind of Cologne-esque house, releasing a mere handful of singles primarily for Traum and Spectral Sound. Their big hit was 'Boots and Pants' for Traum, which expertly delivered on the (short-lived) strobing, dubby, trance-tinged sound favoured by Dominik Eulberg and Michael Mayer back in the day. It showed up as the centrepiece on Riley Triple-R Rinehold's Friends mix CD for Kompakt, and a host of others; here it is as it appears on Doc Martin's Fabric 10.

Their only album Initial Public Offering for Asphodel showed promise, demonstrating consistent yet well-rounded sound and containing a few choice tracks:

The point of this post I guess is to highlight the fickle and ever-changing nature of the music industry and to remember once in a while some of the un(der)sung heroes of yesteryear. Chin Chin, Broker/Dealer!

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