Thursday, 19 May 2011

Listening: Thursday 19 May 2011

Here's what I heard the past few days:

Grouper: Alien Observer
Various friends recommended this (and the other simultaneously released album) and the press love her, but I feel I'm missing something. Have only skimmed it so far but seems like low-fi nineties shoegaze to me - the source material too obvious, even beneath the clouds of haze. I do like the vocals however, reminds me of Slowdive, but buried beneath all that fog such that it's a faint indecipherable whisper. Still, what am I missing?

Julius Steinhoff: Out in the Woods (Geography)

Stunning Hamburg deep house, emotional and downbeat, with expert use of vocal loops to increase tension. Long, flat, gorgeous. The B1 title track is the best but not on YouTube, so here's the A-side 'Mischief of One Kind and Another', what Max is up to in Where the Wild Things Are.

Mompou: Preludes

Lovely short lightweight piano works, Satie-esque but more naive, childish, less angular.

Got home and listened to CD of Horowitz playing Scarlatti, light and breezy, even in the heavy sad ones. Think I prefer weightier playing in these, but for the others, all the virtuosic speedy pieces, he's great.

The K 466 was used beautifully in Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Climates:

Here is the album:

Horowitz Plays Scarlatti (CBS) (FLAC)

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