Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mix: Preparing for the Aerotropolis

While fretting over recent tumultuous personal events I found solace in the soothing tones of ambient music, and one night I hit the wheels of steel and came up with this. I call it Preparing for the Aerotropolis, a collection of sweet yet anxious pieces, reflecting the nervous yet hopeful state of mind of those awaiting vast change.

Preparing for the Aerotropolis

Ekkehard Ehlers: Rund (mille plateaux)
The Caretaker: It's All Forgotten Now (vv/m)
Philip Jeck: Chime Again (touch)
Loscil: Dub For Cascadia (kranky)
IMPS: Jonty's Way (Jan Jelinek Remix) (mule electronic)
William Basinski: DLP 1.2 (2062)
Brian McBride: Supposed Essay On The Piano (kranky)
Sawako: Air Aif (12k)
JZ+ARKH.CO.UK: Ddrhodes (kompakt)
Akira Rabelais: Pleure De Le Voir Gai Comme Un Oiseau Des Bois (orthlorng musork)
Ulf Lohmann: Falling Down (kompakt)
Brian Eno: An Ending (Ascent) (polydor)

Thank you. I hope that wherever you are the world is just dandy.

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