Thursday, 19 May 2011


Latest at Cyclic Defrost:

Andreas Belfi and Ignaz Schick: The Myth of Persistance of Vision Revisited (Zarek)
Patient electroacoustic improv involving gamelan-esque gongs.

Mem1 and Stephen Vitiello: Age of Insects (Dragon's Eye)
Lowercase electronics with cello scrapes.

Donato Wharton – A White Rainbow Spanning the Dark (Serein)
Unremarkable Feneszian guitar haze.

Dalglish – Bennacah Drann (Highpoint Lowlife)
Unique, choppy post-techno.

Sylvgheist Maelstrom – Lahar (Connexion Bizarre)
Portentous, overlong and dreary industrial-electro.

Seth Cluett – Objects of Memory (L-ne)
Very slow and minimal Feldman-esque compositions, lovely.

Kyle Bobby Dunn – Ways of Meaning (Desire Path Recordings)
Sublimely beautiful ambient music, like Eno's Apollo made even more gaseous and amorphous.
Not on Youtube yet but this is from his earlier Young Person's Guide, also recommended:

Tupolev – Towers of Sparks (Valeot)
Piano-led post-rock reminiscent of Radian.

Koji Asano – Galaxies (Solstice)
Field recording as noise dominated by cicadas by prolific and always-interesting Japanese artist.

Luciano Berio – Berio: Differences; Sequenzas III & VII; Due Pezzi; Chamber Music (Newton Classics)
Old Berio classics given another outing. The Sequenza for Voice is particularly wacky, we featured a live performance of it by Majella Byrne for Resonance FM's Dead and Alive.

Marko Cicilliani – Jeanne of the Dark (Ahornfelder)
Strange and cluttered theatre music by a colleague of Terre Thaemlitz, who did the cover art.

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