Monday, 28 February 2011

Ligeti Etudes

There's a number of good videos of Ligeti Etude performances but this is one of the more exciting, Ching-Yun Hu playing the No. 10, "Der Zauberlehrling". Ligeti was concerned with the tactile nature of piano playing, taking this well beyond the fingers into a forced whole-body dance, brilliantly demonstrated by Ching-Yun here.

Pierre Laurent-Aimard's performance of the second featured here, the "Blockierte Tasten", shows this tactile obsession more closely, the fingers of one hand forced to dampen keys while those of the other dance madly over and around. The gentle caress of flesh on key here is almost erotic.

For the Brahmsian romantic Ligeti look at Boris Feiner's take on the Etude No. 6 "Autumn in Warsaw". He even looks like Brahms with his to-and-fro sway.

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