Thursday, 24 February 2011


As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him is a depository of music, books and ephemera that passes me by and leaves an impression. Where possible I'll post reviews, images, sounds etc. But it's early days, anything can happen!

The title comes from the final words of Franz Kafka's The Trial, an early inspiration. As this is but a wee bairn of a blog, I've chosen an image of a young Franz for this first post, ruddy cheeked, so full of promise. And he delivered! I can only hope As Though The Shame Would Outlive Him can do some justice to its namesake.

So for a roundabout beginning, some context: the lead-up to that closing phrase:

'...But the hands of one of the gentleman were laid on K.’s throat, while the other pushed the knife deep into his heart and twisted it there, twice. As his eyesight failed, K. saw the two gentlemen cheek by cheek, close in front of his face, watching the result. “Like a dog!” he said, it was as though the shame of it should outlive him.'

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