Sunday, 27 February 2011

Patrice Scott: Deep in Detroit

On Saturday I listened to this whilst driving around running errands, Patrice Scott's wonderful mix of Detroit house for Deeper Shades Radio. Was a big hit when it appeared in 2009, a lot of very good, mystery (to my ears) records played. Perfect for driving fast on freeways, through tunnels, at night. Pretty good for picking up groceries and taking daughters to birthday parties in the daytime too.

Patrice Scott: Deep in Detroit

Scott runs Sistrum Recordings, whose releases pretty much follow the course of this mix: bleepy, streamlined nocturnal minimalism chasing retro-futurist dystopian visions, just like 'techno' (with a small 't') sounded to my ears as a child. I just bought a bunch of their records, do so here, they're awesome.

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