Tuesday, 1 March 2011


These are the latest up at Cyclic:
Earl Brown: Synergy (Hat Hut)
Restless aleatoric chamber music.

Piipstjilling: Wurdskrieme (Experimedia)
The digital precisionism of Machinefabriek with added guitar crackle and spoken word.

Pierre Boulez / John Cage: Structures / Music for Piano (Hat Hut)
Chaotic machine music played by talented humans.

Stephan Mathieu: Remain (Line)
Slowly evolving 60 minute drone.

Nicolas Bernier: Courant Air (Ahornfelder)
Pedestrian guitar-electronics combo.

Markus Reuter: Todmorden 513 (Hyperfunction)

This was the surprise hit of recent times, gorgeous passages of sustained tones from a variety of instruments and electronics, shifting and overlapping according to pulsed algorithmic design, like a more regimented Morton Feldman. A single hour-long piece, perfect for lying prone and letting the changes wash over you. Check the first movement below.

More from the always impressive Hat Hut, and an intriguing return from Japanese anti-musician Koji Asano, soon...

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