Monday, 28 March 2011

Dead and Alive

Shameless self promotion, but heck, isn't that what blogging is all about? Anyhoop, I thought it time to mention my other blog Dead and Alive seeing as there's been recent activity on it, and there's unlikely to be any more a while. Dead and Alive was the name of a radio program I presented for London's Resonance FM, broadcast live 9-10.30pm every Friday from 2005-2008. We played classical music, mostly, and mostly contemporary music, interspersed with music of other genres, from country and western to easy listening to drones to techno, all largely pilfered from the shelves of my former employer Harold Moores Records. We also did live shows, DJing for Gabriel Prokofiev's Nonclassical events and No Signal concerts, supporting such artists as Tony Conrad, Richard Youngs and Fonal Records, and playing before such celebrities as Bjork(!).

Yeah, we rocked, but Dead and Alive officially died in 2008. I hear Resonance still air repeats from time to time, often on their night loop, so you might here us in London or on the interweb. I'm back of sorts in Melbourne doing graveyard shifts and sporadic shows for Triple R and keeping the Dead and Alive blog for all radio-related posts. To correspond to the demands of the longer, later hours the focus has shifted to include broader musical tastes, as highlighted on this blog, with a greater emphasis on electronics. Where possible I'll provide links to recordings of shows, with the 4 hour Graveyard of 25 March now posted here, with tracklist. It features music by Sun Ra, Oskar Sala, Kassem Mosse, Portable and a shitload more.

I'll be having a brief hiatus from radio while personal life revs up a few notches, but I'll try and keep these indulgent musings going. Resonance FM, Harold Moores Records, Nonclassical, No Signal, and Triple R are all wonderful institutions so please check them out, and community radio is truly life-enhancing so listen up.

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