Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dropped Pianos

Good to see Tim Hecker deliving further into the material of Rave Death 1972 with Dropped Pianos, which extends the opening 'Piano Drop' into 9 bleaker, more reduced sketches, literally titled such. There's the granular smear of yore, but with mournful piano patterns featured there's a stronger similarity to Leyland Kirby. Nothing on YouTube yet (give it time...) but here's the original 'Piano Drop':

... Which, given the '1972' in the original album title, could be a reference to 'MIT's first piano drop, 1972', now an annual tradition. This footage ends with very famous piano noise indeed:

Here it is again in 2009 (no 2011 yet, and more interesting than the 2010 footage):

Nothing new in destroying pianos, here 'Fluxus artists' destroy one - look like dickheads to me:

This was more interesting - performance art on Northern Exposure, when Chris flung Maggie's piano:

Pranks from annoying idiots on telly. Premise is almost interesting:

And a round piano - Christian Marclay's Pianorama at London's Roundhouse, featuring the hands of Steve Beresford:

I once had a piano I bought for a pittance in Japan and made a drunken racket with Onkyo koto player Brett Larner, dancing on the keys, jumping on the lid, kicking it. Here's Brett playing with Ko Ishikawa and Ellen Fullman in Shinjuku in 2005:

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