Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bangkok Thrills

As a positive flip to the whinge over Andres' Jackson mixes, Mark Knight's glitzy tech-house jam on Murray Head's eighties pop smash 'One Night In Bangkok', 'Devil Walking', is a stunner. Who cares if it relies entirely on obvious drops and tropes, it works wonders and I unashamedly love it:

The original was one of those songs that wriggled deep into the pleasure circuits of my 9 year old brain and begged repeat plays:

... like Dave Dobyn's 'Slice of Heaven' theme tune to the Footrot Flats film (yeesh!) and apparently considered New Zealand's 'alternative national anthem'. Did anyone beyond the antipodes catch this?

To try and come full circle, from the Murray Head of the above classic (actually British) to Murray appearing to be a classic New Zealand name: Murray Ball being the creator of Footrot Flats, and the classic Murray Hewitt of Flight of the Concords:


  1. One curiosity is why the intro to "One night in Bangkok" is Arabic sounding and not really Thai? One I forgot about for many years, so thanks for digging that up! I'd like to big up the Phantom Shuffle by Austen Tayshus that we used to have on a cassette compilation with "One night...". Awesome stuff once more confined to the Antipodes for the term of its natural life!!!

  2. Indeed! Exotica has never been the most culturally sensitive genre and One Night in Bangkok is pure exotica, but of a very weird and disjointed sort. How I loved it!

    That Austen Tayshus song is truly atrocious, but Australia did the 1980s very well - Paul Hogan, Olivia Newton John, Yahoo Serious (or was he early 90s?), Ken Done, Wine Coolers, Jenny Kee knitwear...