Monday, 23 February 2015

Strange Holiday

Catching up on detailing old shows for the public record, this a fill for the excellent Strange Holiday program from way back on 7 December 2014. Listen here and hear this:

Andras and Oscar - Friendship Theme
Pharoahs - Sunblitzed
Frank Schroeder - Ohne Title
Claudette et Ti Pierre - Zamme Camarade (Tropical Treats Edit)
JLM - Birds, Plane
West African Swing Stars - Omo Africa
Stranger and Gladdy - Pretty Cottage
Blood Sisters - My Love Don't Come Easy
Paul McCartney - Frozen Jap
DJ Sotofelt and Fran Benitez - La Grimas Negras
Harmonia - Kekse
Yoshio Machida - Alhambra
Rei Harakami - Poof
Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now
The Blow - The Love That I Grave (Strategy's Strata Clay Mix)
JLM - Dawn
Legowelt - Cruise Til The Sun Shines
Prince Jammy - Crosstalk
Pepe Bradock - Attaque de Boulangerie
Mamman Sani - Ci Da By
DJ Marshmallow Man - Electric Generation
Nascar Car - Blood Type Blue
Peaking Lights - New Grrls
Panabrite - Lullaby of the Abyss
Daniela La Luz - Your Mother Told Me

Track of the show was this, a doozy:

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