Monday, 23 February 2015

Pattern Repeat - Summer 2015

Now that summer is almost over I'll get around to cataloguing Pattern Repeat's summer programming, guesting for O'Tomorrow. I had fun, did you?

Playlist only for Midnight 30 December 2014. Listen here, hear this:
JLM & Eva - Pattern Repeat
Cry Tomorrow - Night Waves
The Advisory Circle - The Walk Home
Actress - Xoul Particles
Visionist - Something Old, Somthing New
King Tubby - Iyatha
Untold - Sing A Love Song
Cry Tomorrow - Rock Pools, Night
Pan Sonic - Johdin
Maurizio - M5
Rhythm And Sound - King In My Empire
Jake Mandell - The Story Teller
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latina (Bushwacka! Mix)
LFO - Tied Up Latino
Janez Maticic - Hypnos
Norman Nodge - BBI.O
Robert Hood - Minus (Edit)
Samuli Kempi - Water lake
Samuli Kempi - Passage
Terence Dixon - Minimalism
MESH - Scythians (Logos Remix)
Rocket In Dub - Rocket Number 3
Eric Cloutier - Anaphalantiasis
Objekt - First Witness
TCF - 54C6051C
Lorenzo Senni - Pontillisti C
Anya Kutz - Pop Track 1
Bing And Ruth - Warble
Edward Artemiev - Listen To Bach

Artemiev's take on Bach's Cantata BWV 106 for Solaris is a fitting end to the season:

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