Thursday, 21 July 2011

On Sale

Sales are depressing things. All the enthusiasm and hyperbole of the "new" reduced to a desperate attempt to offload surplus units. Items that looked so fresh and irresistible mere months ago now wear the hangdog look of a dying man. Obsolete cultural detritus which failed to deliver on its promise, clogging up the warehouse, unwanted. Beware: most everything makes this transformation.

Utterly enchanting pop music from Austin TX's Sleep ∞ Over, readied with a remix from ethereal electronic auteur, Laurel Halo... Another impressive drop from Hippos in Tanks - Highly recommended!

*LP version limited to 500 copies for the world, pressed on high quality virgin vinyl at RTI with a free download coupon redeemable from the label*

**Lavish foil-embossed 5LP boxset limited to just 600 copies including individually numbered certificate of ownership.**

**3LP + 7" + DVD lavish boxset with individually-numbered certificate of ownership - limited to an edition of just 600 copies for the world**

Another precious document from the mighty Vinyl on Demand - don't miss it.

This is the gut stuff, make no misake, and thanks to this timely reissue, you don't have to sell your gran to get hold a copy.

Unless your gran's worth £2.95.

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