Monday, 18 July 2011

Fennesz: Seven Stars

Viennese guitar-electronics maestro Christian Fennesz has a new album titled Seven Stars; four-track 10" out now with full length CD in September. The title track features drums, first time to be included on a Fennesz release I believe?

His last album, 2008's Black Sea, was a high point in a career of them, but we all have our personal favourites. Here Fennesz allowed for more pieces featuring the guitar largely untreated, naked ringing tones against a backdrop of relative emptiness.

Grey Scale:

Glass Ceiling:

Elsewhere his trademark granular wash was present and as beautiful as ever:

"Seven Stars" is also a leading brand of Japanese cigarettes. I smoked "Mild Sevens" when I was there, both available for international purchase here.

"The Seven Stars" is also a pub in London. Located behind the Royal Courts in Holborn, It was one of a handful of local buildings to survive the Great Fire (1666) and in 2002 celebrated its 400th anniversary with a street party.
The proprietor is eccentric Australian ex-pat Roxy Beaujolais with a penchant for French cuisine, so the food is tops. My first visit I was befriended by the barman who gloated about England's Ashes victory over Australia. We stayed until closing whereupon the barman pulled the blinds and kicked off a "lock-in" - allowing us to drink past legal closing time.
The pub is famed for its cat which wears a choristers collar.

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  1. Hello,

    I was just thinking about Roxy, and remembering the time when she was on the door at Ronnie Scott's and we had a plan to kidnap Kiki the cat in order to give him back to his former owners, Elena and Aldo - Roxy will understand. I'd love to get in contact with her. Is she still at the Seven Stars? Do you have contact details? I live in France now, so can't just pop round.......Thanks Mary