Sunday, 1 December 2013


I'm going through something of a Rawax obsession at present, sparked initially by Daniela La Luz's excellent - and Rawax's first - LP Based On Electricity. Eight solid tracks, mixing the Rawax tool aesthetic with proper 'songs', or hints of. La Luz's vocals grace a few - most? - tracks, her voice kinda patchy, but perfectly suited to the music. Songs like 'Read My Mind' and 'Your Mother Told You' are fucking great:

The LP came after the also excellent 12" Pistol Star:

More recently, I've been enjoying Môme, real name Bertrand Lacroix, specifically his Tikka EP on Housewax. Heavier than the La Luz but just as bouncy, and it's generated quite a bit of enthusiasm on the usually quiet Discogs - "Dude is spitting hot fire!". No shit:

I'm yet to make sense of what the various prefixes mean but jeez, what fun music it all is.

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