Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Jacuzzi International

Thursday 26 September at 7pm I'll be joined by Lorne Clements (Baked, Bing, The Good Band) Daniel Erickson (of Bluetile Lounge, Mukaizake and Still) to present Jacuzzi International for Max Headroom on RRR. Blurb below:

Before the internet, before the mining boom, before $6 coffees and $15 pints of super, Perth had Jacuzzi International.

In the early nineties, Jacuzzi International was a loose collective of Perth-based underground rock bands who shared the bill on a number of gigs which were followed by after-parties featuring jacuzzis.

Encouraged by isolation, international indifference and $1 middies, the Jacuzzi bands attracted strong, well, decent local support, favoured insular cross-band collaborations and created a (small) number of strange and largely forgotten musical experiments. With Jacuzzi International guests Daniel Erickson (Bluetile Lounge, Mukaizake, Still) and Lorne Clements (Baked, Bing, The Good Band), tune in for some Jacuzzi doozies and peripheral Perth hits from before it all went down the toilet.

We'll be playing music from the main Jacuzzi bands but with only an hour, and a limited collection, won't make all of them, so apologies in advance for those we miss.

While no recordings of Bing exist Lorne kindly sent this recent 'where are they now?' image (L-R Myles Durham, Lorne and Mark Richardson):

... and Bluetile Lounge from back in the day:

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