Monday, 19 September 2011

House House House

Forgetting novelty for a moment here's some great newish House:

Kassem Mosse's return to Nonplus features the scorching A-side 'Enoha' alongside three of his more experimental rhythmic cuts. Structure and tones are reminiscent of the Omar-S-impressing '578' but 'Enoha' is more reduced and downbeat

Mark Ernestus refines and polishes Basic Channels linear drive on his Shangaan remix for Honest Jon's

Slow squelchy throb from Gunnar Jonsson of Kontra Musik Records

UK Funky diehards Funkystepz keep the flag flying with 'Face Off', four kooky but eminently workable tracks

'Get Down' is your standard high-quality looped disco flange mantra from Kyle Hall, of which the non-youtubed B-Side 'Xero' is more interesting, a gorgeously sloppy instrumental chugger which keeps dying, then reviving, dying, reviving...

I've spoken of my fondness for Jared Wilson's 'Girl I'm Waiting' before but the A-Side is also a winner, more primitive and Chicago obsessed but also more gnarled and nasty

Mind Bomb beat me to the punch with praise for 100% Silk (and Johnny Turncoat dubstep traitors) but more praise is deserving. I'd previously felt ambivalent about the label's more Not Not Fun leaning releases, those cloaked in delay and fuzz, but the latest by Octa Octa is crisp and incredible, all four tracks utter killers. 'I'm Trying' is the winner

... which samples Amerie's mindblowing '1 Thing', a hit at a cheesy New Years Eve party I once held

Earlier came Ital's incredible 'Queens'

... and Magic Touch with the lovely rough-hewn Chicago of 'Clubhouse'

I could go on...

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