Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Those bastards in the taxation department have me by the balls. Depression over this state of affairs is partly to blame for my absence around these parts, albeit a very small part, but at least blogs provide a space for one to vent spleen and invite sympathy. So listen up comrades: the world's a cesspit and doesn't deserve a red cent from us Joe Sixpacks, let alone the extortionate robbery they demand, while those greedy Daddy Warbucks bankers, bond traders and property developers trample us with iron boots. Smash it all up!

Of course nothing is going to happen, we'll all pay our taxes, perform our labour, grit our teeth, so here's a few country tunes celebrating our hopeless predicament:

There's plenty more but I'm too depressed to link them.

Those close to me will know I'm not really depressed, actually jubilant, but depression is far easier and makes for more interesting music. Not always however - what I've been listening to most over the past few weeks is something entitled Children's Music Therapy or somesuch,the nocturnal soundtrack in the cardiac ward at the Royal Children's Hospital. It's a medley of "Twinkle Twinkle" and the like, mixed seamlessly together and played very slowly on flute-y synthesisers, reminscent of Eno's Apollo Soundtracks. Gorgeous. No idea what it is but these are close to it, and tasteful:

Chin up and soldier on...

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